RxOffice compliance
RxOffice® Compliance

RxOffice® Compliance is a full re-underwriting platform which can be used by lenders for pre-funding and post-funding quality control, aggregators to perform due diligence on loans being purchased from their correspondent networks, by investors to mitigate portfolio credit losses, and by mortgage insurers to manage the claims process.

RxOffice Vendor Management Portal
RxOffice® Vendor Management Portal

RxOffice® Vendor Management portal assists effectively meeting regulatory requirements, including those from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The seamlessly integrated module allows financial institutions to efficiently monitor their relationships with service providers and to reduce potential risk to customers

RxOffice Valuation Portal
RxOffice® Valuation Portal

The Valuation Portal helps track the process of receiving and assigning both Commercial and Residential Valuations with a customizable workflow to fit to each organization. It provides web access to each participant in the process with access to only the data that is applicable to them, while also providing them access to current status