RxOffice® Loss Mitigation Edition

The RxOffice® Loss Mitigation Edition leverages RxOffice® Case Management providing all the essential tools to manage Loss Mitigation cases with day-to-day work scheduling, tracking, communication with office tools, smooth integration with the third-party applications. RxOffice® Loss Mitigation also leverages RxOffice® Document Management that provides integrated emailing, scanning, and faxing, to build a single eFile for the case. Application leverages RxOffice® Data Exchange to communicate information, order mortgage services as well as calculators to enable the right workout for the homeowner and investor.

Key Features
Case Management
Algorithmic work-distribution support.
Configurable Work flow management.
Integrated Document Repository.
Template-based, AutoFill Document Generation suitable for legal filing with precise margin control.
Secured, proprietary messaging system to send and receive messages to other users of the RxOffice® application.
Integration with email software to auto-file inbound/outbound emails with associated cases.
Template library for faxes, notes, emails, contact log entries to automate common communications.
Phone and Contact log with internal/external flagging.
Scanner integration.
Integrated case eFile with all associated documents, faxes, messages, and emails with historical tracking Integration with external accounting software Single sign-on for accessing third party applications.
Granular, privilege-and-role based security.
Information exposure is controlled based on the "need to know" basis.
Detailed Audit trail of all the actions taken in the application by all the users.
Graphical reporting suite.
Report filters can be saved and shared allowing creation of a custom report library for the client.