Empowering Flexibility,
Productivity & Control,

in QC/Audit Compliance

RxOffice ® Compliance is a fully web-based quality control software solution that can be accessed from any web browser without the need to install client software on a personal computer.

The transparent workflow technology improves the efficiency of business processes and offers audit, compliance and quality control capabilities that support and accelerate smart decision making

RxOffice ® Compliance

Key Features

  • Creates a Single System of Record
    Use RxOffice Compliance to create a single QC system of record for all your audits and processes.
  • Simplify & Streamline QC/ Audits
    Streamlines QC/audits with dynamic, con?gurable work?ows and audit tools including sampling.
  • Import Loan Data Easily
    Easy importing of loan data directly from any of your mulple sources including: loan origination system (LOS), servicing systems.
  • Standardize Findings Options
    Define findings options for each audit, including severity, responsibility, comments, required questions and more.
  • Monitor Auditors
    Monitor the quality and volume of auditor work with extensive supervisory review tools.
  • Oversee the QC/Audit Cycle
    Manage the QC/audit cycle with tools for loan assignment, audit sharing and auditor performance. Platform allows for transparent communicaon of results and oversight of audits by regulators or any authorized third party
  • Track Loan & Servicing Quality
    Track loan and servicing quality by virtually any parameter including: channel, Originating unit, underwriter, product, region, investor, delinquency status, collector, loss mitigation status.
  • Pre-Designed Reports
    Access a library of pre-designed reports to track QC/audit findings, QC/audit status, quality trends, quality comparisons, and findings feedback.

Regulatory & Compliance Rule Set

RxOffice Compliance has a comprehensive rule set that addresses all relevant regulatory and compliance requirements issued by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for both the origination and servicing functions.

The rules library in RxOffice has over 1300 rules for origination and over 900 for servicing.

Each origination or servicing requirement includes an associated audit step which enables users to test for compliance. The application allows for the grouping of audit steps in order to create custom “checklists”.

The audit steps include embedded links to the background source of the requirement. These citations of authority allow users to understand the source of the rule and assist in understanding how the requirements affect the lending and servicing processes.

Flexible & Powerful Platform

Utilizes Open Architecture

Utilizes Open Architecture

The open architecture of our technology allows us to provide a one-stop solution for your pre & post-closing audits, mortgage servicing QC and due diligence audit challenges.

QC Any Process

QC Any Process

Oversee quality control for all processes: EPD’s, foreclosure, TRID compliance, Loan Modifications, Loss Mitigation, Ability to Repay (ATR), QM & Non-QM.

Customized For Your Needs

Customized for Your Needs

The application tailors system functions specifically to your quality control requirements and workflow - improving your operational efficiencies, and ensuring compliance.

Makes It Actionable

Makes it Actionable

The platform makes your mortgage QC plans/audit plans, policies and procedures reportable and actionable.

Servicing<br />

Example of Servicing

RxOffice Compliance platform has been utilized by global consulting firm to assist largest servicers to comply with OCC Consent Order.

  • Tens of thousands of loans audited by system
  • At peak usage over 1000 auditors signed in and actively utilizing and engaged with software.
  • OCC in real time able to provide oversight and comment on results of ongoing audit
  • Dynamic workflow driven by findings
  • Centralized document management
  • Ability to define multiple user role assignments in order to control access to information, actions that can be taken, and the handling of exception reporting.