COLUMBIA, MD, March 09, 2015, 24-7PressRelease -- Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and president of IndiSoft LLC, has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in technology development.

Mr. Dahiwadkar has 25 years of experience in technology development. He has a high level of expertise in technology, productivity and the design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance information technology infrastructures and applications to address complex business problems.

IndiSoft LLC is a technology development company for the financial services and legal industries that develops, licenses and supports the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Mr. Dahiwadkar entered his profession as a result of his passion for technology and computers. He pursued the field directly out of high school with the goal of to helping people get more done with less effort. Prior to this position, he was the CEO of ITShastra (India) Pvt. Ltd., a software company that is a global provider of consultancy, development, testing and design services for business around the world. Under his leadership, the company grew from three programmers in 2001 more than 100 employees with 100 percent growth ever year.

Mr. Dahiwadkar developed IndiSoft's patent-pending flagship product, RxOffice a workflow, document and case management solution that enables companies to run their day-to-day operations more efficiently and economically. He has excelled in providing systems to large default servicing banks as well as developing small business e-commerce solutions and workflow efficiencies in several business verticals. IndiSoft's goal is to ensure compliance while providing the flexibility to use existing processes to avoid major overhauls of current corporate workflows.

Mr. Dahiwadkar has a master's degree in computer science, with a concentration in artificial intelligence, from the University of Pune (1993). Recently, he was inducted into Worldwide Registry and also maintains an affiliation with the Mortgage Bankers Association. He is involved in various philanthropic activities, and is the founder of the India Asha Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 to promote education, health and civic duties among citizens.

Outside of his professional duties, Mr. Dahiwadkar writes business books, self-help books and short stories. Looking ahead, he intends to grow the business and keep his clients and employees happy. He is focusing on data security and plans to launch a cyber-security website.

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Monday, March 9, 2015 - 12:15