COLUMBIA, MD., Oct. 11, 2016IndiSoft, a technology development firm that specializes in systems for the financial services industry, is celebrating 10 years of business in the mortgage industry. The company has expanded its focus in compliance and vendor management to meet growing demands in the industry.


Navigant Consulting Inc. specializes in professional services and is an IndiSoft customer.


We have been a steady user of IndiSoft’s MortgageRx portal for several years,” said Paul Noring, managing director within Navigant’s Financial Services Advisory and Compliance segment. “Their compliance tool for loan testing has been deployed with nearly 25 client engagements for some of the leading banks and consumer finance companies in the United States. We congratulate IndiSoft on its 10 year anniversary.”


IndiSoft’s technology is also the engine behind the Hope Loan Port (HLP) platform.


By developing, enhancing and supporting the Hope LoanPort (HLP) communication platform,” said Camillo Melchiorre, CEO for Hope LoanPort, “IndiSoft has delivered the nation’s only unified system connecting residential mortgage servicers managing more than 80 percent of the mortgages in the United States to over 6,500 HUD certified nonprofit housing counselors and over 1,100 counseling intermediaries who assist homeowners seeking foreclosure alternatives.


As the HLP platform expands to include additional activities that assist consumers to attain and retain homeownership, IndiSoft will continue to provide the technical expertise to support these critical initiatives,” Melchiorre added.


IndiSoft’s RxOffice® platform features 16 portals that help users manage their workflow process for every aspect of loan management for all involved stakeholders including loan servicers, counselors, lawfirms, investors, insurer, stage agencies and/or regulatory body. The modules include vendor management, valuation, Realtor, bankruptcy, loss mitigation and stakeholder management.


Not long after we started the company, lenders and service providers alike needed workflow technology to help them manage the growing number of delinquences, and we provided that technology, which featured pipeline management and reporting capability,” said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, IndiSoft’s president and CEO. “Regulatory requirements have increased greatly in 10 years, and we are committed to ensuring that users have the most up-to-date technology that helps them remain compliant while still gaining process efficiencies.


We plan to enter our next decade with a more robust focus on compliance, as the industry continues to settle into the changes necessary due to recent federal mandates,” he added. “Having lived through the days of 2 percent and 10 percent delinquencies, our company had the forethought to expand its offering to all segments of loan servicing from early stage loan origination to loan disposal all combined with regulatory and risk management processes.”


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