June 07, 2011

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Housing counseling agencies have an increasingly important role in today’s challenging housing market. They provide consumers with trusted advice on housing options, as well as information regarding defaults, foreclosures and credit issues. IndiSoft, a technology development firm, has the workflow technology to enable counseling agencies to better mange internal operations and more effectively communicate with financially troubled consumers and servicers as needed.

One such agency is HPP Cares, a grassroots nonprofit agency that provides foreclosure prevention services throughout California including free education, training and assistance for homeowners.

“IndiSoft’s technology allows us to assist more troubled borrowers,” said Katherine Peoples-McGill, executive director of Long Beach, Calif.-based HPP Cares. “RxOffice completely revitalized our internal processes, which are now quick and accurate.” Peoples-McGill continued, “HPP Cares is focused on helping people acquire and sustain homeownership, and with IndiSoft’s workflow tools we can better focus on that goal.”

IndiSoft’s RxOffice® Premium Counselor Edition is a collaborative platform designed to provide case and document management features customized for counseling organizations. The award-winning technology collects the homeowner information to facilitate an effective workout for each homeowner’s situation. The open architecture software automates and accelerates processes and offers complete transparency.

“Counseling agencies have always performed an essential service to consumers and homeowners, and their function today is especially critical as a growing number of troubled borrowers rely on expert counsel from these organizations,” said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar president and CEO of IndiSoft. “RxOffice supports the efforts of counseling agencies across the country by streamlining processes while protecting personal financial information. RxOffice Premium Counselor Edition was created specifically to serve counseling agencies and their distinct challenges, and we know that in alliance with these organizations we can positively influence the rebound of the housing market.”