May 14, 2013

To better serve the needs of homeowners in New York SafeGuard Credit Counseling Services Inc. is using the IndiSoft RxOffice® Premium Counselor Edition platform.

Currently more than 4,000 nonprofit HUD-certified housing counselors from 950 agencies nationwide along with 1,700 for-profit agencies use RxOffice®.

The portal is popular among counselors and nonprofits for a number of reasons, explained Carolyn McCormack, assistant vice president of SafeGuard Credit Counseling Services, starting with functionality, a direct link to the Hope LoanPort, and ongoing support that enables users to directly contact clients, organize and track documents and run reports that meet one's internal quality control requirements as well as ensure counselors provide the best service possible to consumers.

SafeGuard, which since 1996 has specialized in financial literacy education through credit and bankruptcy counseling programs, added housing counseling services in 2008.

The IndiSoft RxOffice® software helps counseling agents of any size automatically track activities, she said, "which is crucial when time is limited." The portal allows counselors to manage a variety of cases such as REOs, pre-purchasing, or lease-to-own workouts.

SafeGuard plans to train staff how to use RxOffice® Premium Counselor Edition. The nonprofit said it will focus on case management and compliance with regulatory requirements.