IndiSoft has proven to be a great technology partner. IndiSoft Team is an integral part of our development and support services. They continue to deliver no matter the challenge or ask. We look forward to a long working relationship with them.

Zohra Kamal
Vice President
Trimont Real Estate Advisors, Information Management

Indisoft takes a customer-oriented approach, working to understand business needs and develop creative and innovative solutions. Indisoft is a valued partner for the National Council on Aging, and we’re grateful for their support.

Amy Ford
Director of Home Equity Initiatives
National Council on Aging

IndiSoft has been very helpful in upgrading our in-house developed software and is now working with us to provide software development on a regular basis. Their developers are quick to learn existing software, eager to share new ideas and technologies and have been able to manage multiple projects with ease and professionalism.

Susan Michalewicz
Software Development Manager
FirstCity Servicing, LLC

RX® has made our housing counseling reporting much easier. It collects information in a way that makes sense as we work through a case, and it is easy to navigate. Tech support has been a tremendous help to us as we learn RX® and Madhavi especially has been responsive and generous of her time helping us resolve issues.

Jaclyn Quinn
Deputy Director

Partners In Community Building, Inc.(PICB) and staff would like to say thanks for creating the RX® system that allows us to serve our clients with a efficiently technique system.Change was a challenge to us when we began switching from our present system to a new one; the staff and I are loving the change.

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Bobbi Ball
Executive Director
Partners In Community Building, Inc. (PICB)

IndiSoft’s creation of RX® Office Premium has been quite an adventure. As one of the first organizations to use the software we have been able to have the program built to our specifications. The RX® Office is wonderful at being able to collect client information and easily navigated. Client contact and follow-up is easy and simple as you are able to send information directly out of RX® Office versus having to switch between programs (RX® Office and email). Creating and submitting reports is easily accessible and user friendly as well.

Donald Degollado
Director of Operations
Frameworks Community Development Corporation

At Navigant, we have been using MortgageRx for loan testing projects related to mortgage compliance. MortgageRx's automated imaged workflow, efficacy in uploading and presenting full support / substantiation for all "pass" and "exceptions", inbuilt exception clearing process, as well as role-based capabilities make compliance testing efficient, cost effective and easy to share results with regulators and external third parties

Paul Noring
Managing Director & Financial Risk Management Services Leader
Navigant Consulting, Inc.

As the technology provider for Hope LoanPort (HLP), IndiSoft is a vital partner, collaborating on system development, and always over-delivering with timeliness and high quality.

Samantha Sue Friedman
SVP Product Development and Client Services
Hope Loanportal

IndiSoft continues to deliver on- time and on-budget with innovative technology solutions for our array of clients from the largest commercial banks in the United States to small nonprofit credit counselors.

Camillo Melchiorre
SVP Product Development and Client Services
Hope Loanportal

As educated consumers, we are taught to believe that regarding quality, the general rule is "you get what you pay for". But as we all know, every rule has its exception. As a business and technology consultant with more than 12 years experience, co-founder of a technology incubator having helped strategize and launch 17 tech companies, including two technology companies of my own, never have I been more impressed by the talent, dedication and work ethic of those found at IndiSoft.

Dr. Paul Kustes
Founder & CEO
PracticeMinders Inc.

As founder of Stonebriar Financial Services, I’ve seen Indisoft make a significant impact on the insurance industry, and I also consider Sanjeev a trusted advisor.

Vik Jain
Founder and CEO
Stonebriar Financial Services

As founder of CityVision, I’ve looked to Sanjeev for leadership in all things related to technology. When it comes to such programs as Premium Counselor for the non-profit industry, he and Indisoft have set the standard.

Lee Shaw

RxOffice® Premium Counselor Portal is fantastic, especially, for housing counseling agencies that have a small technology budget. The system is a comprehensive client management system, has the ability to complete most major reports, such as, the 9902 and NFMC reports, the ability to track the “life cycle” of a client, and quantify the impact of counseling to meet industry demands.
The RxOffice® technology will allow housing counseling agencies to meet industry needs while meeting the counseling needs of our clients.

Cheryl Cassell
NCRC, Director
Housing Counseling Network

HOPE NOW has been working with IndiSoft for over a year a half now. The relationship has been extremely positive. We are a small company and rely on their expertise and quick turn around times to make our operations move efficiently. Thanks to their team and attention to detail, we get a lot of work done. We are thrilled with the service and personal attention. Thank you for everything!

Eric Selk
Director of Outreach
HOPE NOW Alliance , Support & Guidance for Homeowners

At HPP Cares, we are committed to giving homeowners the tools they need to avoid foreclosure, and RxOffice® offers the process efficiency to uphold our mission to help as many individuals as possible acquire and sustain homeownership, "said Katherine Peoples-McGill, executive director of HPP Cares. "IndiSoft understands our goals as a nonprofit, and worked with us to custom build a program to meet our unique needs." "The IndiSoft team was a pleasure to work with-I wouldn't use any other company or technology," said Peoples-McGill. This partnership will enable HPP Cares to operate more resourcefully than ever before, bringing innovative tools and education to the growing number of distressed homeowners.

Katherine Peoples-McGill
Executive Director
HPP Cares