RxOffice® BI Solution

Business user can build ad-hoc reports by themselves.This tool let business user or analyst design his/her own ad-hoc report without even involving technical person.Find trends and areas of interests in your business. From the historical information one can identify the business trends and can easily mark point of interests in the business. Business users or business analysts can further query on the information without involving technical person.

Early prediction and forecast of you future outcomes.Business users or analysts can analyze current business information (analytics) to make early predictions and forecast where the business is heading. This helps to make very important business decisions to make it more profitable. Adapt to business scenarios by manipulating and combining data. By manipulating information and combining various sets of information one can make smart moves to adapt changing trends in the business. Visualization of your business trends.Various visual graphs on the dashboards provide quick visualization of the business trends without going into more details.

Key Features
Ad-Hoc Reporting tool
Powerful data analytics capabilities.
Business user friendly query building tool.
Single click information export to various file formats.